Hexoboy is a newly puzzle-platformer where you will need to think outside the box to solve puzzles. A calm but challenging puzzle adventure filled with minimalist charm and surprisingly loveable hexagonal character. Hexoboy is brimming with engaging content that will appease 2D platforming fans, especially those who enjoy solving puzzles.

  • An exciting mix of classic platformer and puzzle adventure!
  • Fun and super addictive gameplay
  • Many puzzles that will make you think
  • Minimalistic and charming graphics
  • Easy to play – move left, right and jump!
  • Great for all ages. The whole family can play and enjoy Hexoboy!

Tallest Tree

Help to save nature. Tap to climb canyons and travel the world to preserve the Earth’s nature. Tallest Tree helps environmental organizations to save the green forests on our planet.

  • Plant real trees
    Every time you level up, we donate to non-profit organizations to plant a real life tree in your honor. All the time spent in this environmentally friendly arcade platform game preserves nature.
  • Exciting challenge
    The canyons will challenge you, and only with the right mindset can you make it through. A handful of the best players reach the peaks to prove they got what it takes.
  • Small deeds matter
    We created Tallest Tree so you can help alleviate global warming and climate change while gaming in the subway or on the toilet. And of course, so you can have fun doing it!


A game inspired by GTA classic series. Escape the cops and become the most wanted bank heist driver! Rob banks and escape from the police chase.

Car on the Run: Epic Chase offers addictive and challenging gameplay with unique retro-style graphics where you have to survive waves of increasingly aggressive law enforcement troops as you drive your getaway vehicle from a bank heist. The old school black and white art style, free-roaming maps and legendary unlockable vehicles make for an addictive and unforgettable experience.

  • Escape epic cop chases and become the most wanted heist driver
  • Unlock legendary vehicles
  • Find power-ups to enhance your car
  • Rob banks and survive the chase of police units, SWAT, helicopters, military tanks, airstrikes, jeeps, and more.
  • Heist all around the world from Italy to Egypt, Paris, and India.
  • Free-roaming maps for action-packed drifting and racing against the cops.