The essential app analytics integration guide from Playcore
9 December 2020

We often have to explain the analytics basics to game developers who have never implemented any specific SDKs into their apps.

There were some instructions on the Internet, but they didn’t comply with our requirements, so we decided to create our own how-to and make it public.

We usually insist on installing Facebook and Adjust SDKs, so here are the step-by-step guides for both.


Facebook Developers SDK & Facebook Analytics


Facebook SDK is vital for you to promote and work on all of the app analytics. Besides, Facebook SDK is necessary for sharing the app to different Facebook business accounts & ensuring the user acquisition campaigns’ optimal performance


Checkpoint 1: Register your app in Facebook Developer Console.


  1. Go to
  2. Choose “My Apps”:
    facebook developers - my app
  3. Click on the “Create App” button:Facebook - how to create app
  4. Choose “Manage Business Integrations” (by default):Facebook - How To Manage Business Integrations
  5.  Fill in App Display Name (name of the app), App Contact Email (your email), App Purpose (tick “Yourself or your own business”), choose your Business Manager account (if you have one, if don’t – just leave it empty):How to set up your app in facebook
  6. Click on the “Create App ID” button:Facebook how to find app id
  7. Once your app is ready,  you’ll see the App Dashboard:Facebook App setup dashboard
  8. Go to Settings – Basic:App settings basic
  9. Fill in all the required info on your App & Company including Privacy Policy URL, Terms of Service URL, choose the category, etc.
  10. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “+ Add Platform”:Facebook - How to add platform
  11. For Android choose Android 🙂 and fill in the corresponding info on the app – e.g. Google Play Package Name and other info:Google play package name
  12. For iOS – the same.
  13. Once you have filled in all  the data, enable your app from development mode to active status, this makes your app live and available to everyone:Development mode to active mode
  14. To give the app access to other people and business accounts go to Roles – Roles and click on corresponding buttons (add administrators, add developers, etc.):Share app access


Checkpoint 2: Integrate Facebook SDK


Please use the detailed Facebook guide – APIs and SDKs – Graph API


Checkpoint 3: Setting Up Facebook Events


Please make sure that you implement all the necessary events into Facebook Analytics. Please check out this guide


The more events you set up, the better the performance analytics can be. The most important events need to be set up as Standard so that Facebook can optimize their ad campaigns for getting more purchases. Custom events are auxiliary: we are able to see the stats but cannot optimize for them so we can only view the results for them. It is also advisable to set up the transfer of revenue to Facebook, so that we can see the payback from in-apps. 



  • PURCHASE (Standard) –  if you have in-app purchases
  • ADVIEW (Standard) – if you have ads
  • TUTORIAL (Standard) – if you have a tutorial


Checkpoint 4: Purchase Revenue Verification


Please, make sure that you verify the purchase revenue with Apple Appstore/Google Play console so that the revenue value shown in Facebook Analytics is real.


Simply go through the steps here: 

For Android

For iOS