A game inspired by GTA classic series. Escape the cops and become the most wanted bank heist driver! Rob banks and escape from the police chase.

Car on the Run: Epic Chase offers addictive and challenging gameplay with unique retro-style graphics where you have to survive waves of increasingly aggressive law enforcement troops as you drive your getaway vehicle from a bank heist. The old school black and white art style, free-roaming maps and legendary unlockable vehicles make for an addictive and unforgettable experience.

  • Escape epic cop chases and become the most wanted heist driver
  • Unlock legendary vehicles
  • Find power-ups to enhance your car
  • Rob banks and survive the chase of police units, SWAT, helicopters, military tanks, airstrikes, jeeps, and more.
  • Heist all around the world from Italy to Egypt, Paris, and India.
  • Free-roaming maps for action-packed drifting and racing against the cops.