How To Promote a Mobile Game For Free
24 March 2022

A well-optimized app store page can enhance the visibility of an App both on Google and Apple stores. Done properly, you will stop having questions, such as where do I release my app game? Because good App Search Optimization can lead to better positioning and more downloads in iOS and Google Play. Also, a good positioned mobile game can even end up on various lists, which is an additional boost to the App. For this reason, working with app store elements, such as game title, description, icon, screenshots, keywords, and an app promo video, is worth your time. And the best part is that ASO does not cost a cent.

Here are some recommendations for your mobile game marketing:

Game Title

  • According to statistics and our experience, the title should be two or three words long.
  • A game title must create an association with the game. It may be a descriptive title with the use of keywords or reflect the theme, genre, story or course of a game.
  • Create a competitor analysis and look at how they named Apps.
  • A title must be unique. If you completed the previous point, double-check that the name is free.
  • Don’t use a name that is too common for a game, as you may have issues with being found by a user.
  • Avoid such symbols as +, $, &, it will complicate the process of being found.
  • Double-check the terms of the App Store so that your game is not removed due to inappropriate word choice.
  • If the game is for international use, then we recommend sticking to English titles. If not, then localize your title according to the language of the particular region that you are interested in.

Game Icon

  • Create a competitor analysis and look at game icons. Do they have something in common? Do they have specific design features? If yes, it is better to think in that direction. As game icon indeed depends on the game genre itself. For example, a strategy game icon mainly showcases a sideways portrait of a game mascot or a character.
  • If you don’t have a mascot or character, a good strategy is to use objects related to the game (e.g., slots, weapons, cars, dice).
  • Choose one icon style (cartoonish, anime, realistic, pixel/retro, etc.) and stick to it.
  • In 2022 most popular colours are: blue, grey, and brown.


  • What your game is about? What are the main features, characters, updates? Don’t forget to tell that in the description.
  • Use relevant keywords to improve the mobile game rank.
  • Add to the description some essential features of the app that users are looking for.


  • Add keywords that describe your mobile game, genre, functionalities, and features.
  • Do keyword research beforehand and see which ones your competitors are using.
  • Have at least 50 to 100 potential ASO keywords.

App Promo Video 

  • Never Mislead Players.
  • Be consistent with the visual picture and make sure that it fits the style of the game.
  • Make the introduction, the first part of the video, engaging to grab user attention.
  • Since the app promo video goal is to convert users, don’t forget to include a call to action at the end.
  • Use subtitles and captions, so that the user watching who is watching in a mute mood would understand.


  • Be consistent with the visual picture and make sure that it fits the style of the game, game icon, and app promo video.
  • Illustrate main mobile game features, so that the user would understand in a few slides what he/she will download.
  • Again, don’t mislead a user.

This marketing guide is a resource for beginners to start a path in App Store Optimization. A well-performed job will help you create app visibility and reach KPIs sooner. But, as the Google Play & App Store are updated rapidly, we recommend staying on track with our articles. Soon we will share further steps that you need to do to stay on top of the competition.