Google Play New Guideline Updates 2021

Each Android update introduces changes that bring essential security and performance enhancements and overall improve the user experience with Google Play. Today, we highlighted new guidelines of 2021 that are coming and important to know. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean you ought to take advantage of each one, but it does mean that you may have to make some adjustments in your App.

Version compliance to the new version API level 30

Google Play strives for quality and security. So it’s no surprise that the platform allows uploading apps or updating them only if they meet the most current tools and technologies. Therefore, since November 2021, please be prepared that your App should target the more current API version: in this case, it’s API level 30 or to meet behavioral changes in Android 11. By doing so, the platform is sure that you are not using deprecated technologies that have security vulnerabilities for a user. Hence, in the case of ASO, you have a greater chance of being promoted to higher positions when your App meets these criteria. Therefore we recommend updating your existing applications as well. In case if you are not planning to do so, your App in Google Play may still continue being present on the platform.

A New App set I.D. 

Historically its been a murky process of interpreting data from multiple apps from one device. Therefore, many developers skipped this part. However, from our experience, we can state that this process is also a vital part of publishing and do not underestimate it. With this kind of data, it is easier to understand user behavior and build a more robust marketing strategy. Therefore, you cannot undervalue this step. And with new updates, Google has made the life of developers and publishers a lot easier considering this issue. How? It has introduced a new app set I.D. This feature will unite data from a user about his behavior with your publishing account. So, if a user downloaded a couple or more applications you’ve personally published, the user would have its unique single I.D. with linked behavioral data. Unfortunately, the pros are that this behavioral data cannot be used for advertising purposes. Also, you need to know how to interpret this data. Therefore, if you are a beginner or individual developer, we advise publishing a mobile game with the help of someone. And we can proudly tell that we are the best publisher app for Android and are happy to offer our expertise to boost your App. 

Apps for children and families

If you have an App specifically designed for children, then this update is a must to follow. Google is taking a step forward to help better protect children in Google Play. Developers will need to optimize their apps to meet the “Designed for Children program.” By completing all the criteria, your App will:

  • be included in the Children menu tab;
  • receive “Approved by teachers” icon;
  • be recommended by Google Play.

While it does not explicitly state what will happen with apps that won’t comply with guidelines, we assume it’s a swift removal from the Google Play platform until the developer meets compliance.

P.S. You can also participate in the program if your application targets both children and older users. 

No more “sugar dating” apps

Like Apple’s new hookup policy, Google is also stopping applications designed as “sugar dating.” These apps are considered the mediums between a user and risks, such as abuse and human trafficking. Therefore, if an app has any even lightly associated activities intended to stimulate erotic feelings, it will be banned from the platform.


Continuous improvement and adjustment to changes are a significant part of app ownership during every part of its lifecycle. Therefore, do not underestimate any step in this process. 

Suppose you are an individual developer who just does not have time to monitor all these changes. In that case, we recommend acquiring additional help from a mobile game publisher, who always stays updated and knows everything about publishing. And we are the for that. So get in touch with us to discuss your App idea. 

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