How To Recover the Delivery of Push Notifications

How To Recover the Delivery of Push Notifications 

We know by our experience that sometimes push notifications are not delivered as we would love to. There may be various reasons for that, and most of them we mentioned in the article “Why your app push notification may be undelivered.” So today, let’s discuss ways to work around them. 

  • Omni-device Engagement

From the start, marketers have two possibilities: 

  1. Sending push notifications to all active devices
  2. Sending push notifications to the last device that a user used to interact with an app

And by choosing the second option, your App reach increases instantly by 10% of deliverability and engagement.

Why is it so? A user usually interacts with a brand through multiple devices. An app holder carries up to 6 to 7 connected devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and TV. Therefore, if a push notification appears only on one device, it would make user engagement with an app mainly ineffective. So, to reverse the situation, send push notifications across all user active devices that have the app installed. Especially it is essential for time-sensitive campaigns, for example, by sending a notification on a mobile phone during office hours and sending it on a tablet during break hours. It will increase its delivery and engagement rates.

  • Push Amplification

Push amplification identifies the notification delivery failure, acts as a backup, and delivers the notifications directly to App Users. How does it work? Push Amplification assigns a personal ID number to each device that after is used as an alternative delivery gateway. Therefore, it is proven to improve delivery rates by 50%, especially for most Chinese devices. Not to mention that such metrics as CTRs, retention, conversion are also enhanced.

  • Huawei 

Most Chinese companies run Stock Android using custom UIs. Hence, they have their own system of notification based on custom ROMs rather than Google’s push notifications. And recently, Huawei, which also used custom methods of a push notification, has released a new version of the Operating System – Harmoney. The issue is that old devices continue to run notifications on Android, which further challenges businesses that are trying to reach users in Harmony. An Insider is the first mobile marketing platform that solves the issue on the Huawei OS. It enables marketers to send push notifications to all the new Huawei smartphones that run on Harmony OS.

  • 3rd Party Push Services

It is a known fact that delivery rates on Chinese smartphones are as low as 20%. Because most Chinese devices reduce the background apps usage for battery life optimization, preventing sending push notifications to Users. Some Chinese OEMs have a standalone service that sends new messages from the cloud to a device in real-time, improving user engagement and awareness. These services include Huawei Push Services and Xiaomi Push Services. 

  • Batch Campaign Delivery

Push notifications are one of the main contributors to increasing instant mobile traffic. However, if an app server is not stacked up to handle a threshold of traffic instantly, then the app could undergo a temporary crash. That is a nightmare for most app developers due to a loss in revenue and blackout for your business. To prevent this, Insider (the service we mentioned before) provides a Batch Delivery feature. It divides the delivery of push notifications into groups and generates a time interval between the batches. So, for example, if you have 150K users, you can optimize to send 20K push notifications every 5 minutes. This way, the deliveries will be staggered, and there will be less possibility for a crash.  Also, we, as Playcore mobile game publisher, have other solutions to this issue, and we are happy to share. 

Push notifications are a prominent way to connect with app users and increase application engagement without additional ad spending. So it’s better to make the most of push notification campaigns by ensuring all engaged users receive them at the right time and device. If these tips did not solve you question, then contact us!

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